An automated Mercedes glides up to an art gallery opening. Its wealthy passengers gingerly step out and begin their glad-handing. The car leaves to cruise the city streets in search of parking, creating more traffic while serving the needs of no one.


A man, not among the early adopters of the technology, finds himself quite stressed on his morning commute. He’s got a big meeting with an important client. A car cuts just a little too close in front of him for comfort: road rage. As a litany of curses comes to the fore of his mind, he realizes that no human has cut him off. With no responsible party to lay blame upon, he instead directs his abuse at his secretary when he arrives.


Someone has programmed an application to help its users avoid areas for which their preferred codeword is “sketchy.” Someone else figures out how to interface it with the navigational apparatus of their car. Together, they have taught their racism to their machines.


A couple with a rocky relationship succumb to the monotony of a long road journey and begin to bicker. As more and more previously unstated grievances come to the fore, their back-and-forth becomes increasingly loud. The car’s theft prevention algorithm mistakes this fight for an attempted carjacking and disables the vehicle, leaving them to glare wordlessly at one another until a police officer verifies that no theft has taken place.